Increase the accuracy of the Satellite image


Increase the accuracy of the Satellite image


Definition of space visual

Space visualization is a digital image of a phenomenon taken by an electronic pickup that records the energy reflected or emitted from ground targets and is expensive to carry the pickup on aircraft in the atmosphere, and the digital image is kept in a file recorded on electronic storage devices dealing directly with the computer.

This file containing the digital image may be displayed on the display, and what we see on this screen is an image similar to any other image taken by cameras.

The difference, however, is that this image displayed on the screen is basically digital and has been transformed into an analogue body similar to the aerial image of this aerial image consisting of a large set of numbers distributed in the form of a matrix with horizontal and vertical axes and a horizontal axis called X, and vertical called Y, and each number is called a pixel cell.

So the image consists of a matrix of cells divided into two axes, one horizontal and the other vertical, and the horizontal matrix called rows, either vertical, called columns, and usually selects points starting with a first row meeting and the first column at the far left top corner of the image, so that the last row meets the last column at the far right bottom corner of the image.

The image and if we want to identify a cell on the image we identify it by looking at its location from rows and columns, the space video is the images that are taken by sensors installed on satellite devices, the camera when photographing a landscape that captures light through the lens inside this camera to the sensor behind the CCD lens, the lens receives this light and cuts it into millions of small squares called pixels, each square stores this light in the form of a amount of Energy (electromagnetic field).

First, composite must be done using all visual items or using some items, and through the image analysis window,

the items are selected and composite bands are pressed in the processing window.

Increase the accuracy of the Satellite image

Secondly, we save the composite that we got by a right button on it and then data, and then export a window appears where we add the save place and then ok.

Increase the accuracy of the Satellite image

Thirdly by pressing the right button on the composite and then properties show our layer properties window we go only symbology list and put check on the pan-sharpening icon.

Fourthly, we choose the band that I want to rely on through panchromatic image,

which is the largest in terms of accuracy, and then we choose the way it works through pan-sharpening type where we choose the esri method and then ok.

Increase the accuracy of the Satellite image

ESRI method to complete pan-sharpening process

This method can be used to improve an image with a range in the infrared area, where it relies on a conversion equation that uses weights for bands that reflect the spectral distance between the area covered by the range, and those covered by a uniform range of colors.

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